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tv   Today  NBC  March 4, 2016 2:08am-2:37am EST

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that's c. 's haistd neo mlvis rosanna. corahaie >> kw you had a e d ou >> kw. >> i shoul't havnet. >>eo anny arit r sd is ths. es. an you sip , th're std lis,nd u'- uay t qu wodas ss ke-soda jtt m meranalso -- tl ut>>ike g the. that's my g. liveime to be ing over w o lirive >> except for 1 ithe 10:0he mor, . ogoodlage >> le . was big ws ye heatwi tbc and veed hans touit vso >> tshki. weere like why on rth >> he's thbiggt n the
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th is sa theson is ays hesnt a on says cane unrging, and mosfi-grs seanoret oldewhene f hrd jus t o ents, were th shocd. ooney seems like onef thos ys'te ab agin heusemliyou juo th ocs. wasurpse ke b and thas hidured do e whi of soth w y lk- beustas t d apars,ioly >>ea deve? i. >> tl tr w yodon't. you ow ion. we d. andweayl th trut icae weea n' thk mewe suld a tte. hmes ved one y yo spanx are. how t he rt sa witu? and ily r day y s hane id cloau siyeah
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andot wrying rercsionof wayo >> tnk -- ink me peopret th selarkedon'-- not ntto -do li i'm payinatioto m ile e ttrei k so peo ty' cociowhe >>. e says this.hetok up fiat wk bestor him ase he thhere feweavai >> i thi ty e.but'ort talkingut n li ark peri kindf ntfigh epctinhat there are bear >> hkes in atove. he'l m - >> he' and he way -- ait,qutingow a ? >> he's 54 d heay!. hf hi thirit wld coe m anby t w, 'sik teolod. rereerw op
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holloolindmoanl osgs>> one of thin tou huld do is come a politician.becae 's ry po anlyavtoay outhats th's aobhat wi you. you me? if hein theoi to looold. iont of evebo. >> aus. rea er knolm "haes dno ell.'t want ut the >>nd talki abo ature with with s t f. if ean bloo domo >>o iike him, y >>om it sort ofound >>iker somt. any rr m. eye le >>dot wa to see that. a waste of r time. traight for -- o oando orldo lhe's gt att >> no , he doe es he -->>es, i wsheres me >>ouw wh hto lk up a hill and szeour buhes et e
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eezetll selfwa. w tki se?ki wking. ten, tshalo likehe he sucksin okayhat w. well dth heatin ao they' i tnkhey'in a match.i n'know. katype s wh at'sisnake, that crazy - usnd yh. mony than ok i thi uque and inte i thinth're a goodatch >> i like he're talking ou doknl.'rlike good e iney'r h. ver mere eyfab. a athe an yno w y're tse tke abowhe r and people wer uthy tlople sai there washatwhitly t a me saise n ew wt th mswemeeo s it was ca et lot
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inemidd. liketi hi and thjust snorihihaa fesaid thinks tem was.thhain o ance speeches op are o ndge. e tawardte callal thhhe qte -- om real hlywo blgupiane. u' a r why are u llabou orgrand f e otr gshat ople ctuallloves. becai te wchat he o twoite nd irouse >> tma es ndth ryintoak mt.m t ngme, t weinas crap d d tfandhihe beautifu li of -- ty're y et t know l ws ve t doh factha u' gto omet you wto te i s yt to b enne he see is rm, yovema ioviers d
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n. >>hihat differen imeay thinwht coo ch sheas saying all these miesri >> iallywe havtoo i-da i'm in the mood for some music. i've been dreaming about this song for the last three days. >> she really has talked about it a lot. >> okay. this is a song -- it's called "sax." like playing the sax. and it's by some -- a girl named flor east. i loved "uptown funk" in the beginning. this one feels like that kind of song. >> are you calling this this is going to be the next -- >> it's going to be hot. it's hard to learn all the words. i don't know them. but just remember "play that sax" is all you have to -- okay, go. >> go. can you play that sax can you play that
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here comes the good part. about to blow my mind >> i never heard of this. >> it's new. brand new. it's hot. get ready. get ready. >> here it comes. this is the part we're all going to be able to do together. here we go. but if you wanna hear me sing you better play that sax >> i like it! >> not as good as "uptown funk" but i like it. >> can you picture the dance? >> are we making it up? we're going the wrong way. oh, yeah, we're down here. is that better? no? >> it's called "sax" by fleur east. >> where did you hear it? >> i heard it from a friend who dropped me that track. i like saying stuff like that. and by the way, there's another one that you're going to like too.
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>> when are we playing that one, next week? >> coming up. it's going to be good. by the way, you can listen to us on sirius xm channel 108. >> hoda is there every monday and wednesday. she's so fun. >> we do have fun. >> and she has a lot of listeners, i'm telling you. >> two moms left their sunny states behind for the frigid big apple hoping to get ambushed. >> they're right outside t door wting treal t go mak rightfter . y.eacher a ieist, orbe a dcer. buarninghard w you' hgry. thathy fears keg's halped pvi mins of eaasts tos who t schothout it anth you, we cll gw into oreams. take pres ofrises, th mck pain i coul sleep and up in me
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> it is thy thursd, s te trsftw howithmb maov our glaam the btndor t fans who wanto get a bra w . akitpp cel iris st no lca lala,la la >> tnkou, ev. jilrt, e corion, zannroberossi. eforwe go es meou hr n. >>ure did. >> witcutl s t te shi cald licari sal >>tiu see th tant. itso eit thgyelhe avnenk'sev been better. hekyth li goo samlo, lo >>e locaon, . >> congratatio alt,s.w was it u gu were a.
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th zan anna zna. >>h-hu >> thas ups new y accent at wat waso much. because, you we st ck twoth reso exco be ambush mak tirsty jew wils, 66eam tempe, ariza. l reach f mpred.shis a g' it'serghmen's fi nerkher l stylprtyl. ic to s and shirts. ke an toer st >>ewel, whmo wout thimake >>ldskinduct lpe klesnd t old e s. >> and ydas he, ll atyont m >> i h autiful anaming d a ttan andfrie est ie o yrs. juane happy. >> i ve thi wegoe mh are rey? esy. 't ye it
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on . ep yr blindfds i'll letwhke it?hes jeon all ghel, seth w u! apse ll rhtare y toakf ur ol? take offin. o ? >>- ho is it >>t'time n . aru y? spight arod. re'sourr>>god! >>ou l >> aweme w wtook rht terse okay. lookhat'ppg. loui talk ha that ofair lo tale t30 mut ert ght.
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ti shhis lf at ho en gave ea hrchi is apprope ne h xt e. he wdos >>. sctar >> yoo f >>t yoar >> the power othe dress, we nsrm you obslbel ue thiphape g o gu. d belt her reainch yo ahe r plas so it aws ation. >> whoak that es>>s is -la, - . k o so y. just drawn to >>ewotti wvehere. annay bigoundf ause >>'m so excited. nextn isll menda. let's see her stor airteache ok
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angolf. 'stlth he shsom of fou aas eiandkid ts. let's sthe wt doou mt wantut of make t? >>'vorea jusoxc ct m going be til tonight and and ani woo be beautifulow l, youlr. e're goihe a leit m d beriend? >>o e he ous. she'th b li g >> aig so wre to g g-ti >>go. okay. shalso, thered r. om e sh hereithest fen gail. u excited >>ery! kp ld
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len, youk okgu. keff ybldf o >> what thin >> iit. >>uround >>oait i it in. h,y gone >>mighneed sklee gail,o yoed a k? >> y need one too. na nds o t. wh do u k? >> tt's a inow is. >>et'sk heef afr. what you didere, lo e ks. ir of all, y'r jo ayou've gothagrbo, bu lel yoha w difre l u'reams. aridourrcut. saidks lress. you ly >> a mie ar. zna >> greai, and of cours stadircut a deer. ie th otht
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lifesty. u're vy u've anng we ne owt i lovehe aitofs. yoke thipianar withannd air uys, whave tk, ago tn >> war ng." anyou lo >>ngout. bi ousr bo azing >> gb,id>>ouk girselov with me mhaea. >> bobzzht a ! ! e won mo-actattondmuch they move,... and created degree
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it is a thirsty thursday. jenna bush hager in for kathie lee. and if you've ever wanted to know how some people always get what they want, you have come to the right place. because hoda knows how to get what she wants. >> sometimes. >> there's no reason it can't be you. teach us the top five habits of highly persuasive people. >> catherine dill is a reporter at "forbes" which recently examined this topic. and -- yeah, go ahead. >> andy michaels is a clinical psychologist. hi, guys. >> hi. >> before we get to the different points, what overall, what did you learn about people who are highly persuasive? >> well, they're confident. they believe. and they want to bring other people over to their side. >> all right. so they've got -- some people we're going through five the first is you say you've got
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what does that mean? >> absolutely. this is going to be really important when you're outside the office, you're at a client meeting or industry event. but it's also important for your team. you want to know your audience. get to know people's talents and motivations. it's going to make it that much easier for you to persuade them to what you think. >> and you say you can do some of this research before but you can also read people. right? >> absolutely. you can read body language. but getting to know what someone's like beforehand is also a sign of respect in a lot of cultures. so it's a good way to sort of know who you're negotiating with. >> right. because people from different cultures, backgrounds, people. yeah. you're right. >> we like this one a lot. because we're not at all like this. >> don't be pushy. >> i get it. >> when someone is pushy with me, i actually push back even if i want the thing they are trying to sell me or give to me. >> exactly. and then it's just kind of a mess, this back and forth. this one's a real delicate you want to be bold but not aggressive you want to be subtle but not a door mat. and what i think here is this is one where an in-person
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don't e-mail, don't call. if you have the opportunity, walk across the office and talk to somebody. make sure you get that face to face. >> and i also like that you say, ben, be genuine. if you're authentic, that's what's most important. >> of course. and most people can spot a phony a mile away. and you really want to be interacting with people that are genuine. and that's the way most exchanges happen. so that's a good way to be assertive, but not aggressive with people that are genuine. >> that may be my favorite point. you can follow these tips, but quite frankly, if you're not being who you are, if you're trying to remember things, people can sniff it out. >> totally. >> body language is very important. because if you're standing like -- if we were standing like this right now with you, you would know that we're not open to you, right? >> so we go like this. >> we're open. not that open. close your legs. >> different segment. different segment. >> but what do you guys -- what's some good body language to use? >> this is all great advice for a meeting. where you want to be confident when you're talking but you also want to be focused when you're listening.
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your body language is open. though your legs are closed. >> depends what kind of meeting. just kidding. >> okay. >> thing you naturally do with people you like. your family, your friends. the same rules apply. when you're open, when you're happy, when you're smiling, all interactions go much more smoothly. >> and don't try to remember the right body language. that also looks robotic. we have seen politicians who try to use the right hands to communicate. and it doesn't work. >> no. >> this is good. you have to acknowledge that there is another point of view. this is really important. >> i hear what you're saying. >> yeah, absolutely. you're not always going to be right. and that's okay, because nobody is. but if you can demonstrate that you can take that insight from somebody else on your team, use it to form your own viewpoint, it's only going to build their trust further for the next conversation. >> how do you it, ben? do you say, i understand what you're saying with x, y and z, however -- and then go on with your thing? >> exactly. it is an exchange. and if you are present and you are listening to the other person and understanding their point of view, you're going to be able to give them what they want and they're going to want to give you what you want.


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